an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

  • Are you the woman who's struggled with self esteem and feeling as though you weren't in charge of who you are? 

  • Have you doubted what role you are playing in the household?

  • Do you feel like who you are right now, is not who you were destined to be?

  • Has your life been riddled with not feeling comfortable in your own skin?

  • Have you failed at every attempt to become a better version of who you were in the past?

  • Are your excuses bigger then your dreams?


This is a 30-60 day home project geared at teaching you how to eat better for better mood , exercise daily for increasing your strength and well being and inspiration to teach you how to love yourself better. This progam is designed for the busy person who doesn't have time to get to the gym. It's for the person who wants help getting back to who she was before life took over! 

My Story 

I'm a Christian, Wife, Mom, Grandmother and Health & Wellness Mentor. I teach others through diet and exercise how to regain their health and well being they once had. I've helped many people over the last 2 years to become healthy both in mind and body.

My Health & Fitness journey started in January of 2015.

At the time I was 3 years into recovering from a very sick body due to thyroid disease. I had no energy and felt as though it has to be better. I had friends in the health and wellness industry and they were telling me how exercise and diet could change my wellbeing. As a trained Massage therapist I knew the importance of taking care of my body, although exercise was not something I did on a regular basis. I've always been on the thinner side( thyroid disease) so I never did workout, I did try to always eat healthy.

I remember thinking that there has to be something to this exercise and healthy eating.

I learned that along with exercise my diet need a huge overhall. I completely changed my style of eating to help eliminate the inflammation in my body. This has helped to balance my overall homeostatis to allow my body to work correctly.

I can't believe I'm still alive!

I still can't believe that where I was four years ago in my health and where I am now . If you would have met me in January 2012, I would have told you that I didn't think I would live to see my 42nd birthday. I was so sick and depressed that I contenplated sucide many times in the past 10 years. Exercise not only changes your body but your thoughts about who you are and how you feel, diet also nourishes your body. My body was actaully starving from the way I was eating, which led to more depression and lethargy.  

Let Me Help You!

If you've been feeling like you have no other way to feel better, you've exhausted all avenues and feel like there is no other way, let me help you.

If it hadn't been for God and my mentor I don't think I would be here today!  You can get there too, there is always a solution to your health and wellness. I want to show you how changing a few areas in your daily life can greatly change who you are! 

Life can be great again!

Here's how the project works 

 This at home program is fun and rewarding, but does require your dedication to get the results. I will help you stay on track, help you design the best way of eating to reach optimal results. I expect 100% effort from you even when it gets hard. It's not easy, if it were easy everyone would do it. 

What's Included

  • A state of the art in-home workout kit with DVD's.
  • Complete custom meal designed for you.
  • 30 minute in-home workouts with a workout calendar to chart your progress.
  • 30 day meal replacement shake designed to fuel your body and rid you of cravings.
  • Access to my private members only Believe in You Facebook support group.
  • Free access to me who understands your journey.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • PASSWORD protected site provided by me for recipes and upcoming programs.

With this program you get all the support, guidance and love from women around this great nation who are on the same journey as you.