Kick Your Hashimoto's  to the Curb!


Hi I'm Sherry your friend in this ugly disease, I will show you how you can take your life back and start to live again. It's not an easy journey but one you won't regret! 

If you've been living with Hashimoto's for a while you know the in's and out's of day to day. You also know how most days feel like you are over this disease and need to feel better.  

 If you're tired of feeling sick and tired? I have a solution to your problem!  I was once just like that, I had many days where just getting out of bed was a celebration. My life is no longer like that, I have learned through many years of trial and error how to take my life back and Kicked Hashimoto's Disease To The Curb

You don't have to let your disease define you as a person, there is a way to take your life back and feel healthy again. Join me for the next step to take your life back and kick your disease to the curb.


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Where It Starts! YOU

Healing always starts with you and your mindset, someone cannot make or wish for you to get better. Yes, it's a decision that you have to make to feel better. It's not going to be a complete healing of your body,but it can be a healing of the mind. It took me many years to get where I am today, in fact it took 17 years! Yes, you read that correctly! Healing in all aspects is not a get rich quick kinda deal,  those don't exist either,unless you win the lottery. The only lottery there is when it comes to health is if you're lucky enough to NOT get a disease. I will show you what I did to take the steps to heal your mind. 


When YOU Decide!

Like the little plant below that decided it wouldn't allow the pavement to stop it's growth, we have to make the same decision when it comes to our wellbeing. We have to decide first and then take the step,being healthy starts when you make the final decision that you are DONE!! It really comes down to this, if you think you are ready then you are not! It really has to be a concious effort to get healthy and stay healthy. Again, someone cannot tell you that you need to make a change, the change has to come from deep inside! When you finally decides NOBODY or NOTHING will stop you from your goals of feeling fantastic again. 

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